Director, author, journalist, graphic artist, artistic director, composer or expert… as many talents that are associated with your projects, according to your particular needs, to collaborate on your film.

They are involved early in the project because we are convinced that good ideas need meeting, discussions and even sometimes confrontations to take shape.


All of this serves a unique purpose: to create, to reach the particular « moment » of your story, one that each of your audiences will remember for a long time.


And, to deliver the best in each of your production, we are always on the lookout for new trends and new talents.

We keep and active artistic eye on our market, reaching to those who lead it to new frontiers.





We are by your side during the total length of the project.

From the very first meeting to the delivery, you have a unique interlocutor, the producer. He, with the director, will propose you a direction, an idea, a concept.


All along the production process, you will benefit from a precise reporting, a rigorous system of validation in order to refine the film’s plot and the guarantee of a film that meet your expectations and those of your audiences.



Means and shooting techniques, post-production, new formats, new tools, 2D or 3D graphics, new distribution channels, we master every technological solution and evolution without enslaving ourselves… because we believe that these tools only have sense if they serve the storytelling that we wish to tell.

our clients

  • François Mari


Our team

  • Frédéric Révillon

    Concepts & Storytelling

  • Guillaume Vincent

    Brand content

  • Loup Méry

    Creative Director


Francois Mari





Frédéric Révillon

Producer/Concepts & Storytelling



Guillaume Vincent

Producer/Brand content



Guillaume Vincent

Producer/Creative Director